About Us


ISTEHYAS primary motive is to provide you with abayas, gowns and dresses that are both unique in design and material. Some of our products are made with exclusive diamond Georgette, premium nidha and Hariri Maqsoor while the gowns have a much larger scale of materials to be selected from.
You may be wondering what's so what's different here on Istehya? We provide customization! You could customize your Abaya/gown to any size you like, with the color of your choice! Don't forget the mind boggling rates! Modest fashion should not be expensive as it is the requirement of the time, and that is why we've kept our products at affordable prices without compromising quality!

We source a wide range of abayas in all styles and colours to reflect different backgrounds across the world, we are here to make a statement in the fashion sector, as we firmly believe modest abayas and fashion go hand in hand with the modern Muslim society. Although our bespoke range of abayas adapt a fashionable approach, we want to keep our traditional clients in mind who embrace a much simpler traditional look to feel liberated at the same time. We want to reinforce that modesty can cater for all. We have established a strong global customer base with the ever-growing Muslim population across the globe so we can serve customers worldwide.


Growing up in Toronto as a hijabi, me and my siblings saw how the western society views a woman. Our dream was to start a modest clothing line where you could feel confident and comfortable in what you wear keeping in mind that the uncovered were a feast for the eyes & the covered were respected and dignified.
It made sense that a woman covered is a woman protected, Just like a diamond hidden is a diamond safe.
Our ETHO is to make you feel confident and comfortable in modest wear & make you feel recognized for who you really are and not a piece of candy to be objectified
The plan of starting a clothing line didn't happen in Toronto but
Alhamduliallah we seized the opportunity in India!



We want to thank everyone for their continuous support and feedback which has helped us grow over the years. We whole heartedly embrace customer feedback and love to hear your feedback, opinions and reviews. Please get in touch with our social media accounts where we often announce latest offers and sales. We look forward to hearing from you!